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Key Specifications
Part Number Description Status SubFamily Regulated Outputs(.) Output Options Iout (Max)(mA) Vin (Min)(V) Vin (Max)(V) Fixed Output Options(V) Vout (Min)(V) Vout (Max)(V) Enable Under Voltage Lockout Pin/Package EV Kit Available?
UM175xx 300mA, Micropower, VLDO Linear Regulator with Enable ACTIVE Single Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO 1 Fixed Output 300 2.5 6 2.8 3.3 Yes Yes 5/SOT23 Y
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Product Description
The UM175xx series are VLDO (very low dropout) linear regulators designed for low power portable applications. Maximum dropout is just 90mV at the load current of 150mA.The internal P-channel MOSFET pass transistor requires no base current, allowing the device to draw only 100μA during normal operation at the maximum load current of 300mA.
Other features include high output voltage accuracy, excellent transient response, under voltage lockout, stability with ultralow ESR ceramic capacitors as small as 1μF, reverse-battery protection, short-circuit and thermal overload protection and output current limiting.
The UM175xx series are available in a low profile SOT23-5 package.
- Very Low Dropout: 90mV (Max) at 150mA
- Maximum Input Voltage: 6.0V
- ±2%Voltage Accuracy at 150mA
- Fast Transient Response
- Under Voltage Lockout
- Fixed Output Voltage: 3.3V/2.8V
- Output Current Limit
- Reverse-Battery Protection
- No Protection Diodes Needed
- Stable with 1μF Output Capacitor
- Short-Circuit and Thermal Overload Protection
- Low Profile SOT23-5 Package
Typical Application Circuit

- Bluetooth/802.11 Cards
- PDAs and Notebook Computers
- Portable Instruments and Battery-Powered Systems
- Cellular Phones
Pin Configurations  

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